Quod Renati - Savage Worlds

Welcome to Quod Renati

Whoever you were before, everything changes after death. You have woken up in a chamber changed from who you were. The people you knew would never believe that you’ve returned and you’d only endanger them if you went to them. You have passed through the Veil that protects mortals and now a world of Dreams and Nightmares has opened up to you. What will you do with your new life and strange abilities you’ve awoken to? Will you be a monster or a hero? Or will you just try to live your new life?

For those that do not have a character built, talk to me about setting up your character. Before stating out your character, try to come up with a concept of who you were before you died. How long ago did you die? Who did you leave behind and what was your greatest regret? What do you look like now that you've been reborn? Keep in mind you must be different enough from your prior appearance(it's part of what happened).

The world is set in 201X and the mundane world is no different from our own though I doubt many recent events/news will appear in our game. But beyond determining details about your backstory it won't affect the game all that much.

If you have enjoyed Stranger Things, X-Files, Supernatural, and/or Buffy; this is the vibe of the game I'll be aiming for. What we end up doing though will be up to you.

When making your character sheet on OP, use the Rippers-ADH Dynamic sheet. The system we'll be using is Savage World Deluxe, but the sheets are slightly different as they were for Rippers which is not what you guys will be.



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